Upholstery Cleaning

Flawless Cleaning can provide professional upholstery cleaning for your business or home.

Our experienced technician uses the steam cleaning process which removes dirt, dust, germs and stains. We will clean the whole are and then identify any stains and use specific treatments to remove these.

We can treat three piece suites, upholstered chair bases, window seats, car seats, curtains and mattresses.

All of our products are environmentally, child and pet safe. We also have a drying system meaning that the products will be ready for use soon after your clean.

Why choose us?

Clients sometimes wonder if upholstery needs to be replaced which can mean a costly payout. Regular cleaning of your upholstery will keep it germ, dust and dirt free, meaning it has a longer life span and saving you on replacement.


Our staff are fully trained and insured to work on your goods. We have years of cleaning experience that we bring, along with regular course updates that are attended to make sure our training is always up to date.

Friendly Service

Our team are always commended for their professional and friendly manner. We quote each job individually and will always offer honest advice on your cleaning needs.


Once we have confirmed a price you will receive a confirmation from us with all the information you require for your cleaning service. We will be in touch with a time and day and if you need to change anything we are always accommodating to client needs.


With jobs checked by senior management, we always ensure that the best job is done at all premises. Staff are trained to the highest of standards and expected to keep to these at all times.

Flawless Cleaning is a trading name of Flawless Cleaning Norfolk Ltd. Registered business number: 13860014